To My Fathers Above


I miss you. A lot. It’s been four months since I last saw you, texted you, laughed with you. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you. I still can’t believe that you’ll never be around again to tell a ridiculous joke to, give a bear hug to (even when I always said I hated hugs), and to be that rock we need. I can’t even listen to “Brown Eyed Girl” anymore because that was our song.

You never realize what you have until it’s gone. I had a supportive dad who loved me, even when I messed up. I had a dad who raised me with values that will stay with me forever. I had a dad who, even though he was really shy, he was never one to say no to anyone.

I know this is really selfish of me, but I want you back. I want to have someone who doesn’t have to try at being the greatest. I want you to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. I need you to tell me everything is okay, even if it’s not.

But, I know this isn’t goodbye. It’s only see you soon. I think that has given me a wonderful peace; the fact that you are in a way cooler place-the place I’m working toward. I love you too much to write, say, think. Love you.

My Heavenly Father,

Thank you. Just thank you for everything you’re doing in my life. I am so grateful for everything, everyone who you have put in my walk with you. I see you strengthening me daily, and I love that. I hate that you took my dad away so quickly, but I’m so thankful that you sent your Son to die for him, for me, for everyone. That tells me how much you truly love me. I can’t find all the right words to say, but I know that you still love me.

Love always,


Psalm 5:11-12 “But let all who take refuge in you rejoice; let them ever sing for joy, and spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may exult in you. For you bless the righteous, O Lord; you cover him with favor as with shield.”



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