The Hot Mess Express

My beautiful friend, Chelsey, gave a taste of what it’s life to be on the ‘hot-mess express’. Please enjoy.

Strengthen What Remains

Remember that one time I had a blog? LOLZ.

In my defense, I spent most of last semester being punched repeatedly in the gut by a schedule that was, in all honestly, far beyond my ability to handle… but that story’s for another day.

So something cool happened today. I opened my Bible. Not out of duty or because I had to plan my next bible study lesson or because I had nothing else to do. I opened it because I actually, truly, genuinely wanted to meet with God. Which is obviously the way it should be EVERY time I open my Bible. But I’ll just be real with you right now – I haven’t truly desired companionship with my Creator in a long time. That sounds bad – trust me, I know. But I’ve decided that lying about it is silly and pretending that I’ve got all my bases…

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